July 27, 2008
By micah lindsey, Covina, CA

What is this?
What are we?
What are we doing to ourselves?
Making an emotional bond
And selfishly slapping a label on it
So we can feel as one
So we can show the world what?
How much we love each other
How we can trust each other
How cute we look together
And how we’ll be together forever
Because all anyone sees
When they past by you on the street
Is a label.
You own him, he owns you.
All it causes is conflict.
With this label comes new realties
That u failed to realize otherwise
O what?
Now you must set boundaries on friendships
That are much better off without any,
Now you have to call everyday,
Now you have an excuse to check my phone
Because the trust the label holds
Was never really there to begin with.
You walk in school holding hands,
This shows girls your off limits
But for others, starts a challenge.
You talk constantly to each other
For some it may seem like the perfect relationship
But know one sees your fights,
How you hold back from him
Because you can’t bear to enlighten him
With the past, you work so hard to hide.
What is this label we insist on putting upon ourselves?
Why do we add pressure to a life so uncertain?
We put the labels, to make it known
To set in stone, so there will be something solid in our lives
But our lives aren’t even solid.
How can we tell someone we’ll love them forever
When most of us can’t even wrap our minds
Around the thought of eternity
How can you look at someone and decide
That you want the world to look upon you and that person as one
When your not even whole by yourself?
If you can’t be happy by yourself,
Why do you think
Pulling that person to your level will make it any better?
So many of us surround ourselves
With label after label
Hoping that some of them will stick
So they can cover up the truth
So they can cover up you

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