The Wall

May 5, 2012
By Anonymous

The Wall stands tall,
Looming above; solid as a rock.
It peers over you
and casts a shadow on
your heart.
You feel defeated,
yet the fight has only begun.
Could you climb it?
No, it's too slick.
Could you walk around?
No, it's too wide.
Could you dig under?
No, it's buried deep in the past.
Could you walk through it?
No. It's a wall.
This wall taunts you,
begging for you to give up.
Begging for you to walk away,
but you don't.
You stand there,
and you FACE the wall.
Speak to it;
let it know you're there.
You let it know it's
not important.
Break the wall.
Tell it it's not going to
break you,
Because it won't.

When everything feels like
it's falling down,
that wall will stand stronger.
It will keep you locked in the
same position,
and it will try to suck you in.
When everything feels like it's
falling down,
make the wall come crashing after.
It won't be easy, believe me,
to get the hate, and despair, and
stereotyping pushed out of every
block, stone, or brick.
You have to work at it;
Go at it will all your force.
With your sledgehammer of will.
With all that you've got,
because it can take it.
It's you.
It's your feelings;
You can break it.
And when you feel like
giving up after it's halfway
down, rest in front of it,
But don't let it come back up
on you.
Keep it down in crumbles,
then move over it.
Move On.

Because the past is the past, until you let it become your future.

The author's comments:
I had to write a poem for one of my classes at school, but I wasn't sure what to write about. So, I took what's all been happening in my life, lately, and I feel like I incorporated it into the poem.

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