The wind

May 5, 2012
By Courtney Fitzpatrick BRONZE, Hamilton, Indiana
Courtney Fitzpatrick BRONZE, Hamilton, Indiana
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She gently  brushes my face as she drifts through the trees 
Like a never ending soul always drifting restless to find a place of home 
She heart beats her plus stirs  the  life below 
She crys through the darken night tired from the burden of forever alone
She  has no face, no body only her pounding heart dose she show 
For a thousand miles  more shall she lead to a never ending journey 
Her work never to be done  for she shall always be restless in every day to come
Her despair unable to hide her envy stirs the night and sadness floods the sky
Her enchanting dance of magical beauty no one can see 
As her puls sets the beat for the rhythm which she moves to 
Her life is notice but never seen 
For she is the one that the rhythm is set 
For she is the Wind 

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