Dreams of Summer Nights

July 27, 2008
By Amanda Barratt, Dundas, ZZ

Embraced in the sunlight,
A warm, florescent squeeze,
She lays and dreams of nightfall,
In the calm, relaxing breeze.
The summer days begin and end,
In the twinkle of an eye,
But the summer nights forever grace,
The peaceful midnight sky.
The sun rays will never surpass,
The elegance of moonlight,
And the midnight dance of romance true,
That persists throughout the night.
Gracefully, round and round,
The dance is ne'er to end.
Prince Charming, courageous and dapper,
His loving hand to lend.
Swirling in the motions,
She wears a gown of silk,
Soft as the rose, so lovingly placed,
In her hair, ceasing to wilt.
Her heart flutters with passion,
For there's no such love as this.
Now the moment she's awaited,
Prince Charming's tender kiss.
Then from dreaming she awakens,
To the sound of falling leaves.
The summer days are over,
Risen skyward, passed the trees.
But the summer nights continue,
Living deep within her heart.
And the dance with dear Prince Charming,
Forever, a work of art.

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