Two little lines, A patch of off-colored skin

July 24, 2008
By sam breon, Allegan, MI

No, that’s not from you.
If you look closely,
You’ll see two little lines
On top of an off colored skin.
Now you question.
You start to wonder.
Yet you don’t ask.
No one asks.
No one looks.
Everyone pretends its not real.
Its real, It happened.
There is no denying the past.
There was nothing anyone
Could do.
I pushed you all away.
Said I was busy.
That’s when scars started appearing.
They came in the day time,
When I was surrounded by people.
Outside I had many people,
But inside I was so lonely.
I haven’t ever let anyone
Know who I really am.
Then you came along
I want you to know everything.
But you never ask,
You just look,
Then say something else.

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