first kiss-broken heart

July 24, 2008
he walked her to the doors
and kissed her one last time
he looked opun her glowing face
and her bright shining eyes
they went their seperate ways
she was the happiest shed ever been
because she knew in her soul
she would be seeing him again
she gave her heart to him that night
that...she wished he knew
if he did he wouldn't have been so careless
wouldn't have broken her heart in two
as she slept she dreamt only of him
of their night...again and again
she was ignorant of what morning would bring
of all the tears that would be shed
she talked to him the next day
still living on a cloud
until he told her something
that was sure to bring her down
somehow he had forgotten to mention
...that he had a girlfriend
that if he had the night to live over
he wouldn't do it again
he told her he was sorry
that he had made such a horrible choice
but those were meaningless words
by now silence was the same as noise
how could something that meant everything to her
mean so little to him?
what she had dreamt of for years
...he only did it on a whim
before he said goodbye
he requested one more thing
could she keep this to herself
cuz it didn't mean a thing
that day he ripped her heart right out
and crushed her hopes and dreams
how was she supposed to stay strong
when she felt so weak
the worst part was realizing
that he never cared
he was just looking for some fun
he must have seen her stare
she wondered how she ever thought
he could have felt the same
she knew she wasn't worth it
knew she was to blame
how could she be so stupid
to trust him with her heart
she thought he would protect it
...instead he tore it apart
she went through the days
numb of all emotion
but when she hit her pillow
her heart spilled right open
she cried through the hours of darkness
untill the night came to an end
when the sun came up
her heart...she'd try to mend

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