July 24, 2008
By Kendra Purington, Ipswich, MA

We as teens run around,
saying we got nothing...
we're as low as the ground,
we say our life sucks
when one thing goes wrong,
when our parents are mad
we relate them to King Kong,
we may get grounded
for doing something bad,
when we have to clean our rooms
we get so mad,
and when our family asks for a favor
we think its so much work,
when our cell gets taken away
we act like its the end of the world,
we as teens run around,
saying our like sucks,
when i reality,
our lives are amazing,
we get three meals a day,
and usually snacks,
we only do little work
and dont do much to help,
we have a roof over our head
and nice warm bed,
we have cars to get around
and 24/7 stores just for us,
so much is going for us
we just dont give thanks,
we dont understand how much we have
when other barely have anything,
some kids live alone
on the cold hard streets
with no blankets at night
and so much fright
Some kids dont eat for days
and some dont have health care,
many dont get schooling
and dont have proper clothes,
so many children die each day,
just because they dont have the things,
which many take for granted,
so the next time you say your life sucks...
remember the child that just died.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about someone at my school who doesnt realize how lucky they are and they take everything for granted and say their life sucks

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