Violence on the mind

July 24, 2008
By Corie Gavalya, PGH, PA

Violence on the mind:

When we walk down the street
We got a lot on our minds
From Assault, to murder, to homicide, & rape crimes
Homicide is on the rise
And the rape crimes are becoming more frequent
The children are being lured
And 15 year murders coming back to be solved
The society is crying for grief and for the violence to stop
Predators are attacking
and people are being killed off or injured
The news on TV and the way the papers
Get graphic to inform us of dangers that may lead to unsolved mysteries
The media is just being informative and not just for money
The money making is in the films in theaters.
The elderly are being killed
15 years later, murderer might still be in Arnold
The horrible person who murdered her,
“Her throat was cut and she had been cut and slashed
A dozen times. Police said her body had been
Raped and molested after her death.
A design was carved in to her back” (Biedka, B6).
So the murderer knew he marked his spot.
The next thing the society is going to need
Is an Amber alert even on Pay-per View TV
In Company targets child sexual abuse
The offenders are hiding and there’s nothing being done
Except classes being taught to little tiny kids.
What’s the kids going to do when a man
Comes out of no where with a gun to there head
Making them obey every wish and command
That he always wanted to be fulfilled.
What to do just scream for help.
Lures got sneaky ways with just a little question.
“Lures often come in the form of a stranger asking for
Directions or help finding a lost pet, he said” (Behe, et al, B3).
The targets all change and little kids are no longer
The only targets of choice.
“It’s not just young
Children being approached.
Young enlisted service Men & women in the
Military also are vulnerable, as are college students” (Behe, et al, B3).
The lures have many helping substances
And may include some deadly things.
“The lures also change, & can include drugs, alcohol, and pornography” (Behe et al, B3).
The violence of rape crimes & sexual abuse
Are just as more likely then assault, murder & homicide.
Homicide conviction rates at 92%
The rates are increasing slowly but trying to be cracked down on.
“Allegheny Prosecutors are on track this year to win, convictions
In 9 out of 10 homicide cases” (Kerlik, B1).
The violence in the media
Is getting proper attention
Who doesn’t want to know
What’s going on in the Communities and the City
That causes danger.
The information being told
Causes pictures to form in our heads.
When we walked down the street
We had a lot on our minds
From Assault, to murder, to homicide, & rape crimes
The communities are getting involved
And solving the crimes
That make the citizens
Feel more safe and secure
Hoping that the street wars of violence
Will finally be over.

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