Rhythm to My Life

May 5, 2012
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Back and forth the metronome ticks.
Seconds pass, with time moving quick.
My heart's tempo paces for you-
The tick of my love, deeply true.

You are the beat to my life's song.
Without you, the rhythm is wrong.
With you, happiness cannot stray-
Melodies can forever play.

Life is a song of many notes.
Vast is the amount one can stroke.
The song can always changes its tone,
But constant is the metronome.

Though life has success and great fail,
Your consistency shall prevail.
You provide the beat to my life.
With you, I never feel great strife.

Metronomes give rhythm to song.
You keep my heart's beat pacing strong.
Never end the rhythm you give,
For without you, I could not live.

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