May 5, 2012
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A child gave up her long lost dream.
A song bird can't remember to sing.
As the light fades from the world,
As the sky sobs loud and tears fall down.

Sadness is the name of the game,
And grief is the song that we play.
When we realize we're still here.
Still waiting for hope and the courage to heal.

Do you remember back when we waited for dawn?
Do you remember when love held every thought?
When laughter was too hard to yield.
When our innocence had no shield?

I stand here today somehow.
Trying to remember the strength I'd found.
When my heart didn't feel so sore.
When life was just a thirst for more.

Before the war, we were so hopeful.
Before life released the downpour..
Today I miss antebellum.
I miss the time before the war.

The soldiers come home from their internal battle.
And every heart beats against the struggle.
A wife welcomes her husband home.
Though she knows his fight has only just begun.

And in my mind I dreamed of green meadows.
Not a valley covered in shadow.
In my heart I mount the strongest stone.
While my senses say I'm all alone.

Before the war, my love was plentiful
Before when I was a little happy girl
Then the war took it from my life.
Now I just try to keep my stride.

Above my head my flag flies high,
The white contrasts the stormy sky.
It's to pack up and go home.
It time to rest my eyes and be safe and calm.

The war is over, but I won't mourn my losses.
The war is over, and for once I'm level headed.
Ruins remain, but heart's not heavy.
I'm back in antebellum.
It's before the war.

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