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May 4, 2012
All my love
we meet again
you gaze up at me
eyes so sunken and tired

The hours we spend together
The words of love I’ve helped you write
I have read and treasured every last
sonnet and ballad
from novel to haiku

And when you leave me alone in my domain
and when think I’m in a deep slumber
I recite your woven words of love
yearning-dreaming that I am the receiver

Alas my darling
my love is in vain
For you will never hold my hand
with passion and warmth
but rather in a dull unfeeling trance

As you stare at my face for hours on end
my only wish is that it is with rapture and tenderness
Instead of you harden expression

You have claimed that I am as cold and emotionless as a corpse
but in the end
I have shown you more devotion
than your most passionate lover

When I first awaken
I’m shy and take my time to greet you
you curse me

When I’m moved by your words and
freeze from my yearning to embrace
you threaten me

Our time to depart is nearing
as you store away your poems
you have nothing to fear
I will treasure every word
until you wish to change them

Goodnight my sleepy composer of thought
Until we start up once more

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