Demons In My Room

July 24, 2008
By Samantha Burtch, Whittier, CA

There's demons in my room and they watch me as I sleep.
The floor creaks as they slither and crawl to my bed.
Their footsteps beat like kettle drums in a room so quiet.
I hum to drain it echoing in my ears and head.

The quilt wrapped around me slides from my neck to my toes.
The demon embodied a human, but the evil is passionately burning.
His eyes, coal black, seduce me into emptiness.
Its hands touch my legs and my insides start turning.

I feel the heat of Hell as he breathes on my neck.
I tremble and cry, he replies with a sneer.
When he scorns me I can see Anger and Hate on his face.
But he's known and read my secrets, my fears.

Clawing at my covers, I hold myself steady.
He cackles at my strategy and it choruses all around.
I hear the windows shut and the door is locked tight.
I am trapped in my room and Hell surrounds.

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