July 23, 2008
you dont know me
you know nothing about me
you dont understand me
you havent lived my life
you havent seen the s*** that Ive seen
you havent lived in the hell where i live
my life meens nothing to you
cuz you dont know me
you judge me with your eyes
the way you look me over
you believe i'm full of lies
ill see you when its over
dont judge a book by its cover
dont turn one thing into another
and when its all said and done
and youve seen where i come from
dont change your tune with me
when you see all along youve been wrong
dont apologize and try to be a friend
cuz a true friend would have been there in the end
so when im dead and in the ground
dont think you can come around
and pretend to be something when youre not
dont pretend you cared bout me
when you werent there to help me through
and dont pretend to be my friend
when you dont know what else to do.

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AnimalGirl said...
Mar. 1, 2011 at 8:57 pm
i really like this poem. it reminds my of how my old friend and i were......
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