July 23, 2008
A poem is…

A gentle wave coming towards you,
Then pushing away
A rhythm so predictable
But the body itself
So unique in every move and sound

A strike of lightning
Electricity filling the air
Power flowing down towards you
Making you tingle in excitement or fear
you do not know

A butterfly loping through the air
Grace, so gentle she seems
As the wind lifts her up higher
Giving her strength and courage
To be her own

A glint of love
Rushing through your body
So fresh, so different
But so familiar
As it makes you want to reach out
And touch the world

Something new being born
Hurrying into the world
To create and recreate
The society around us

A poem is…

Something that brightens your eyes
Wiping away the fog
Showing you something new
And unforgettable
Giving you hope, strength,
And the power
To find the truth

I see a poem as this.

Something that can be anything
A changeling in itself
Something made of the elements
Earth, Air, Water, Fire
Something made of life
The creature that fill this world
Something made of feeling
Courage, Despair, Love, Hate

And something that can create
Who we are today
What we believe
And how we feel

A poem is everything
I see that
What do you see as the truth of poetry?

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