Invincible Rose

July 23, 2008
By Jessy Romero, Lincoln, NE

Last night I dreamt of a rose,
a rose that never
lost its intensity.
The color was fadeless.
On the ground,
it remained.
Rain couldn't drown it,
after the storm roared.
From miles away,
the deep blood-red
was still there.
I stood in the rain,
in shock.
The petals
never crumbled,
thorns sharp as ever.
It's like the rain
never even touched it.
My rose,
invincible, but never there.
My eyes strained,
waiting for the rose,
to fall apart,
dissolve into nothing,
to be a regular rose.
Where soon its beauty
becomes nothing but a
beautiful memory.
fireworks within its
A sense of beyond.
That rose is definitely

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