For Alice

July 23, 2008
By Emily Roller, Wilmore, KY

Hey there, my Alice,
please don't be scared
You're finally alone,
daddy's not there.
He left the house,
after his fifth glass,
he headed South,
don't think he's comin' back.
I'm sorry to say,
he's gone for a day,
but he's taken the bruises,
and gone far away.
Mommy's still sleeping,
good, we don't want her awake.
The stinging will stop,
the pain starts to fade.
Hey baby sister,
I'm sorry I'm gone,
didn't mean to leave you
when you've done nothing wrong.
I wish I was there,
to hold you near,
that it wasn't my death
that made Daddy love beer.
I wish I could stay,
but the lights moving on
be safe for me, Alice,
Always look for the dawn.
Say hi to mommy,
i miss her a lot,
try to love Daddy,
he's all that you got,
I know that it's hard,
I know that is true,
but please, baby sister,
remember I'll always love you.

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