Do you hear it? Listen close...

May 13, 2012
By Emma_F SILVER, Arvada, Colorado
Emma_F SILVER, Arvada, Colorado
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"Youth is a disease that gets cured a little bit every day."

Cover your ears with your hands, tightly. Listen close, do you hear it? That rumbling. That's your blood flowing through your hand and arm, that's your muscles shifting. That's you! it's your sound... now, listen closer! You can hear your pulse. That's you, too. You're listening to your physical life, isn't it beautiful? I think it's the most beautiful sound... the sound of pure life itself. Don't let it stop, don't end it before its time. We all have moments when we don't want to live on, but next time just listen to your life. hear your pulse. Notice how your blood keeps flowing even when things get tough? It's supposed to. Don't stop it.

The author's comments:
when I'm upset, this is what i listen to.

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