I am Schizophrenia

April 20, 2012
By Britney Terrazas BRONZE, El Monte, California
Britney Terrazas BRONZE, El Monte, California
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hear my heart beating
see my time running short
feel my skin ripping
the inner monster will rise again
to be the one you fear at night
another scream another cry
tonight i'll peel your flesh
i'll grow with your fear and feed off your soul
you'll be with me for eternity
forever we will play, forever and a day
i'll be there when your scared ,i'll be there when you cry
the thing you don't know is i'll pull you down with me to the hell of your own mind
everytime you believe i am alive
once you begin to see i'm not reality
it's too late you can't kill me
i'll never die it's you and i til the end of time
you hate me? it's too late for that
i'll never go away not one day that i will fade
your trapped within insanity
you blame yourself when i did this to you
your just too stupid to see
lost hope your alone and all you have is me
you fall down not left another day to fight
smiles turn to frowns as your whole world turns to black
each day a game of survival
every friend made i tease and drive them away
i have control
your not stronger than me i am you
i'm not out of this world you created me
made me reality within your eyes, your brain
so forever i will drain you and feed off your fear
the only end of me is ending you..

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