Breath Before the Plunge

July 24, 2008
By Kaela Malinowski, Irricana, AB, ZZ

I feel the joy of ecstasy bolt through me
As I hear the faint roar in the distance
It could be anything
A truck rumbling down the road
Or a train on the tracks
But I know

Its voice is clear in the still air
The low growl fading, before it begins again
Anger filled in the voice
Rearing out of the dark cloud
To unsettle the awaiting victims

I rush outside
To beckon the voice here
The power is unsettling
Yet so desiring

The partner of the voice comes forward then
Brilliantly stunning against the oncoming darkness
The light moves with passion
Its arms striking out in all directions
Eager to taste the still air

I stand immobile
Waiting for the show of supremacy
To start

And then the partners of power move
As the first raindrop falls from the darkness
The dance starts with a flash
Then the voice sings out into the darkness
They move slowly
But quickly the intensity of the dance
Speeds up

The light snakes through the air
Then the voice shouts back
Louder they get
Faster they move

The wind whips around me
Answering the call of the storm
I take a breath
And then I am swallowed
The fire of the storm consumes me
Heart, Body, and Soul

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