Emotions Death

July 23, 2008
By Derek DeDamos, Porterfield, WI

emotionless, dead weight, feels nothing,
how can he go on,
how can he live, if hes thier,
thier but not, how can he still see things,
see whats going on around him,
see what is wrong with others,

death, unknowing, mystery,
all follow him, he can see,
he can feel, he can scence it,
its everywhere, everyhere from here to thier,
from any, and every which way,
he wants to call for help but no one will listen,
no one will see his ways,
they cant see him, see his past,
noone knows him, noone can help,

screaming, yearning, longing ,
for everyting but nothing,
he sees others but not him self,
he can't seem to help himself,
all he wants is someone, something,
to not feel nothing, to feel alive,
to feel thier, to feel love,
hes dying inside, he can scream but no one,
no one listens, noone can here him,

happyness, sadness, depression,
he feels all at once, or can he feel them?,
he doesn't know where to turn,
to run, to fall, to speak,
where can he turn, to whom can he turn,
that one person is thier but not,
that one person is the only one that can help,
that one person who can be their,
who is the one that is their,

trust, honesty, love,
these are the things he should know best,
he trusts, he trys to be honest,
he loves someone, he knows he can't have,
he needs to tell them, but he has to wait,
down in the dark, in the shadows,
in the blinding black, she gives him hope,
gives him the will to live, the will to think,
the will to help, she lights his thoughts,
his dreams, his life, she is his shining light,
his one love, his gaurdian angel,

knowing, learning, accepting,
he knows when someone else is down,
is sad, depressed, happy, mad, he knows,
he can feel it, he trys to help,
he feels for them, they trust him,
its a never ending circle, he helps them,
they help him, they all help eachother,
but he knows its hard when u can't feel anything,
anything but pain, and depression,
he trys, trys to help himself but cant.

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