Let's Trade Vanity for Dignity

July 23, 2008
Lies of beauty
Seeping words of venom
Make their way through my mind
Into my heart
Stabbing at the organ
Bleeding out my worries

Crying out for all of the lost time
Poorly spent
Mind and body
Pulsating, rushing
Faster, faster
Let's not waste more time

Convinced I wanted you
All of you
In exchange for me
All of me
It doesn't take much to delude
Those who wallow in self-hate

Whispering like childhood secrets
Except no one is around
No one to hear me scream
No one to hear those lies you fed me
Sweet, soft, spoon-fed lyrics
Stellar upon my fragile ear

Vows to be gentle
I'm only a child
Vulnerable, foolish, easy to deceive
Broken words lose meaning too quickly
Back to the floor, my body given up
So you may please your own

Take me;
Every last piece of me
Is yours for the taking
And by God, you'll take it
Along with my dignity
Never was worth much to begin with

Leaves me alone, inundated by fear
Tears fall--naked eye to naked body
A woman who’s strength crushes men
Ironically let her guard down at one’s simple words
Filthy, dirty, ashamed of what I’ve become
Quintessence of disgust in my own reflection

Any piece of self-respect
That once rushed through my veins
Is now torn and bruised
Like those stunning marks you left me
The one with the magic touch
Seems to have touched too much

The fault, the blame
Belongs solely to me and my g-string
I had wanted my dignity to disintegrate
Only to gain your approval
Such a sucker for cruel intentions
At least I was right; that's exactly what you had

You're not the only one;
My own intentions immoral
Using you to destroy myself
You’re my tool for self-abuse
Because it’s too hard to love someone
Who gives herself up so easily.

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