Be True

July 23, 2008
By Stephanie Brooks, Bamberg, SC

The media has a foundation built on sexuality
Rarely do you see a hint of originality
They feel that sex is an excellent way to sell
But little do they know I've got a story to tell
When people look in magazines and at the t.v.
They believe that is the way the world should be
It makes us gurls feel so insecure
But makes the guys lust even more
Now on a mission led in the wrong direction
We girls will do anything to receive attention & affection
The boys use this weakness to get in our head
Knowing now they easily can get us in bed
10 minutes of akward pleasure may lead to 9 months of pain
Not including the new life later their is to maintain
Now before you end up in this situation
Ima let you in on some information
Your future and body are worth so much more
Than a couple mintues of sex gives you credit for
Don't believe in the media & lies people tell you
Love yourself, practice abstinence, & to yourself be true.

The author's comments:
I actually entered this poem in a teen expressions contest to help prevent teen pregnancy & I won along with 2 other finalists!!!I just wanted to have it published so other teenagers & preteens can know that its ok to love yourself for who you are and don't put so much trust in the lies others may tell you to influence you. You control your own life & actions so you should make good choices to get good results.

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