Falling for you...

July 23, 2008
By Alexis Carrillo, Banning, CA

What would you say if...

..if I said I loved you?

If I told you everything I am about

to say isn't a lie...

it's all true.

I think I am falling for you,

hard and fast,

all the time I have with you,

I wish it would last.

Before I go to sleep...

..I think of you...

every night...

..I think of hugging you tight.

Do you know...that sometimes

I don't want to let go?

I wish our hands would never

seperate or part,

and when you smile,

it warms my black heart!

When you are evil and mean,

you look like one...

..insanely cute teen!

Nothing seems ever enough,

but when I'm with you,

I've got everything.

When people say..nothing lasts forever....

I hope you will be my...


but in reality you are turning into my everything.

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