The Brightest Stars

July 23, 2008
By Kaela Malinowski, Irricana, AB, ZZ

I lay down in the grass
And look up at the sky
So many stars…

They beckon to me something familiar
Something very alike
To a life that I live everyday

The people I see
The people I great
The people I love
The people I hate

They are the same as the stars

Some stars are larger than others
Some are different colours
Some are in groups with others
Some are brighter than others

And every day I see people
And everyone is different

Some are small
Some are large
Some are black
Some are white
And some are other colours
Some belong
Some don’t

But the most striking similarity
Between People and Stars
Is how bright they shine

Some people may be more important
Than others
Some are better looking
Than others
And some know how to fit in better
Than others

But they do not shine the brightest
The brightest are the people who truly see

What courage means
What love means
What hope means
And how to believe

Those are the stars shining brightest in the sky
Staring down at me

The author's comments:
When I write poetry, I try to did deeper to find a truth instead of writing just about something regular. I think poetry is meant to help people realize things that they are normally blinded from.

When I decided to write this peice, I wanted to show a similarity between a mysterious object and human society. In society today, everyone is different. Just like the stars. But if we compare ourselves to stars, who will shine the brightest? The celebrities and the rich? No, i think the ones who know the truth about life, no matter their status, will shine the brightest.

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