July 23, 2008
By Olivia Curry, Frederick, MD

You walk down the street and they whisper for you,
You pretend not to hear but in the end you do;
"He's fifteen now, he's going down the drain."
"That teenager now, we're not sure he's sane."

Everything magnified three times its size,
Everything depends on the looks in their eyes,
Nothing is ever just quite as it seems, and
Nothing is altered as swiftly as dreams

Clocks can’t tick at a steady pace
To keep a fluid, constant speed
Our motions are awkward and hard to control
Yet we allow no one to intercede.

Scenes flash by like cars on a highway
We have no clue what’s going on.
The people around us will stop and stare
But we must meet their eyes and continue on.

It’s as if you’re falling down a drain
Falling further, darker, quicker
Grasping at the dirty, mucky walls only
Makes the blood gush all the thicker

Poster-boy smiles and marijuana grins
Hundred-dollar cologne and five o’clock chins
Shaggy hair and playful eyes
Over deep dark scars and once-loving lies

I know they think I'm far too wide
I need only a slightly thinner side
Rulers and tape measures and scales every day
Hopefully vomiting my life away

The alley looks so dark and cold
Her cellphone has dropped from her hold.
She reaches down to grasp it again,
Is drugged and grabbed and loses it then.

You cannot see the light of day,
Nothing can keep your anger at bay,
There’s only one thing you can do,
So you pull the trigger and start in your school.

He looks around and sees his grin
Grasps his hand and then goes in
The two boys hearts are slowly torn
The imperfect couple we’ll always scorn.

Making ourselves sicker in every way
Those alleys are so dark and cold
No one can see the light of day
We want their bodies in our hold

And somehow you love it, you can’t stay away
From the feeling you get every day
When she wakes up and looks in the mirror
Walks outside and the neighbors fear her

She walks down the street and feels the stares
Searching for darkness in all that she wears
Looking for piercings, waiting for screams
Certain she's living some suicidal dreams

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