Little Tommy

May 11, 2012
By MajorPayne BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
MajorPayne BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"I can resist everything except temptation."

Lil Tommy, short, ponderous, and wide
Always avoided athletics, never played outside

Tommy was picked on, teased upon, and pointed at
He was defenseless, friendless, and fat

One day, a renowned speaker visited his school
He was humongous! Ginormous! And super cool!

He was proactive, active, and engaging with us all
Then came time for him to leave
“Do I have any questions from y’all?”

Hundreds of hands, including mine,
Shot high
Mine he acknowledged
Still reaching strenuously high

“What is your question?
I’m sure it will be great!
It’s all right son,
Don’t even hesitate”

The words shot from me, very much like a cannon
“How do I become big and strong, like you, Mr. Gannon?”

“Yes, a great question indeed!
And as for your answer,
Please take heed:

Lift your weights, watch your plates
Execute those pushups, sit ups, curl ups, and planks

Participate in swimming to build up cardio
To make things a bit more fun,
You can run while listening to your radio

If you want more tips, you can visit my site
For more information,
it’s there if you like”

Like a sponge, he soaked up all that was stated
He now had the key, the knowledge
To exercise what his role model suggested

He then made a vow, a promise like no other
To change his life, with all his might
On the first day of summer

The school year continued, now drawing to an end
The hardships rolled on
To change life, he knew had to upend

Summer came, the school year ended
Students cried, “hi’d” and “bye’d”
But none whom he befriended

The pain, frustration, the agony set in
It’s time to release these negative emotions
It’s now time to begin

He began his workouts, day one being the hardest
Each day he felt better and better
Always giving out his new best

For a whole summer, He did what he swore
Ending the road he trudged down
Down a new one, he soared

He lifted his weights, He watched his plates
Stronger and healthier he became
He did those pushups, sit ups, curl ups, and planks
To transform the body
He desperately needed changed

Summer is now over, he’s never felt better
Guys now envy him
And all the girls, head over heels,
They fall over

The next school year finally rolled ‘round
Everyone in complete, utter shock
Their Tommy was now Big Thomas,
The new grade school jock

The author's comments:
This piece is for me to "check the water." its my first of hopefully more and better to come.

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