Inside a Teen's mind when a love one Dies

July 22, 2008
So life afrer her death was like the death of my life. She truely loved me and now I am alone in this cold world. They treat me like dirt until I feel that I am-dirt.I am unloved.Why? Why do they treat me so? I love them. Why wont they love me? She loved me. She cared. She would put me in her arms and hold me, telling me, "You are beautiful," and for that moment I did feel-beautiful. I was beautiful. Inside and out. But when she was like she took with her all of my-beauty. I might as well b dead. So that I may meet up with her and declare, "Hey you forgot something!!" Not someone. Cuz to be someone you gotta feel and be treated like someone-but I-I am dirt. And she forgot me when she got dug into that grave. There is all that dirt down there with you! I am just a speck of dirt! WHY?! Why didnt you take me?...Did you truely forget? What am I to do now?! She's gone. She was my legs. And God just took her from me. Why? Didnt He know?! I cannot walk without her or even stand! I am crippled. Fake beauty is what I behold. You can tell me anything and still I will always feel like-dirt. No one loves me. I dont love myself. Why not? Cuz she's not there to tell me that I am-beautiful. And without those words I am nothing. But instead of being nothing...I still believe...somewhere in the back of my mind...because of her and her alone..that I am-dirt.

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