The Match of a Lifetime

May 9, 2012
By nderuysscher BRONZE, Sacramento, California
nderuysscher BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My heart beats in anticipation
I sneak a peek at the competition.
At least a foot taller is she,
With one kick she could beat me.
Her legs the length of mine combined,
I won't complain and will not whine.
I will not show that I care
That this match is not fair,
My head tells me to fight
As though she were my height.
Our numbers are called,
She slyly grins,
I can tell from her face,
She thinks she will win.
The adrenaline in my veins is pumped,
Two minutes in the ring, then time's up.
I come up for air as the re calls STOP!
I smile expectantly and look at the clock.
Next to it sitting is the scoreboard
Reading four to five in my favor.
I shake the girls hand firmly.
While smiling triumphantly.
The scoreboard beeps back zero to zero
I spin around surrounded like a hero.
My smile spreads into a grin like a clown,
And then I remember, it's just a practice round.

The author's comments:
I'm a martial artists and one of the things that I don't often do is spar. One time though, my instructor forced me to spar with a girl who was so much bigger htna me, but I felt determined to beat her and prove to my instructor that I could do it. The feeling was amazing, but then I realized that it was just practice. From there I learned that even though it was just practice, I gave it my all, and that was what was most important, not winning.

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