July 23, 2008
By Kaela Malinowski, Irricana, AB, ZZ

I remember the night so well
The night I saw you
You were flying high
Soaring above the rest; defiant
The world watched you
Sparkling and shining compared to us
Your beauty and power caught my eye
Like a star in the sky
My greed caught me that night
And overcame all my other senses
I reached up and grabbed you
Pulling you away from everything true
Wanting you for myself, and for no other
I ripped away your protection
So brittle and vulnerable you were
I took away your wings
I took away everything you knew
I left your body for the scavengers
And locked your soul away in my power

I regret what I did now
My feelings overcoming my thoughts
That night I took something out of the sky
That held reason for life itself
I never knew what you truly were
All I knew the moment that I saw you
Was that you were the most precious thing to the world
To human kind you were everything

Now you are beyond repair
I ripped you so
You lost everything
While I gained nothing
I, human kind, saw something made of honor
And out of greed tore it down

Freedom, you belong in the sky
For everyone to share
Your wings restored

The author's comments:
When I write poetry, I try to did deeper to find a truth instead of writing just about something regular. I think poetry is meant to help people realize things that they are normally blinded from.

When I decided to write this piece, I felt that it should reflect human nature. In many places of the world, a human saw freedom, something that everyone shared, and tore it down, to keep it to themselves. Some countries have restored Freedom's wings, but some have not. This is a reflection of human greed for power, and how some now regret for doing something so morally wrong.

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