The Road to a State Championship

May 3, 2012
By Mossy7 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
Mossy7 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
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In 50 years when my grandchildren ask
“Grandpa how did you achieve such a great task”

I’ll tell them through
Dedication of me and my team

We pulled of the impossible
Something I could only dream

State champs, we did it
But it came at a cost

In the years past
Many games we lost

But we did it, we hung in there
Through the thick and thin

We held on to pull off
The impeccable win

My rock, my brother
My team and my pride

For this one last night
We put everything aside

The drive in our hearts
Through hardship we fought

Blood, sweat and tears
Giving it all we’ve got

At semis we scraped by
Knocking our opponent out

The miracle was made complete in the final
Ending the prolonged drought

Welcomed home like heroes
From our far travels

We were victorious knights
Returning home from battles

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