The Wall

July 22, 2008
By Megan Lehman, Knoxville, IL

Here stands a wall,
mighty, gracious, and tall.
A little boy stops to talk
and sits himself up on a rock.
He looks up at this humungous thing,
thinks real hard and starts to sing.
The words come pouring out in song.
each one always right, each one never wrong.
The boy pauses and waits for the wall,
who's been listening and is greatly appauled.
This boy does not know that he cannot speak,
so he sits there and waits for weeks and weeks.
Finally the boy is fed up and mad.
He walks away angry and sad.
The wall could not say
the words he'd been thinking the previous days,
but he enjoyed their talk and waits to hear more,
from a new little boy, with mor stories in store.

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