Confusion's illusion

July 22, 2008
Ever been so confused where you don't know what to think at all?
When you try 2 stand all on your own but in the end you fall

Trying to figure out an answer to a question you keep asking
Its breaking you down but you put on a smile and keep on laughing

I'm asking myself the question right now
but still no answer i have found

Who am I? What am i to be?
still there is no answer i see

I try 2 talk to someone about it but I get so horrified
I think I'm afraid that no one will hear my cries

I really need to accept myself
but no one is there to give me help

I'm trying 2 handle this all on my own
but NO one can make it all alone a difficult thing to ponder
its the thing that makes everyone wonder

How could i be this way? Whats happened to me?
Is this who I was all along and just didn't see?

Too many questions floating around in my brain.
I'm Caught in Confusion's Illusion and I'm going insane

I'm so confused I don't know what to think at all
I'm trying to stand all on my own but I BET in the end I'll fall

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