July 21, 2008
By Nikki Worthington, Worcester, MA

Reality means nothing to me.
A strong dose of fantasy
leads my heart to yearn
for something more.

This place,
it calls to me.
My soul shall never find peace.

Rest your weary head
on your hands
and cry out.
Curse the very being
that trembles under your skin.

Relentlessly agonized,
I cannot pull away from the one thing
that keeps me tethered to this
barren wasteland.
The one thing that keeps my
heart in an infinite mourning.

Nocturnal dirges softly
calm my troubled soul.
And torture it nevertheless.

I eagerly await my deliverance.

I choose my poison deliberately.
It keeps me breathing.
It keeps me waiting...
This desire is everything.

Old scars begin to surface
in the wake of this dream.
I cannot forget my one happiness.

Restless and anxious am I.
Restive for the dawn to appear
to this bleeding reverie.

My anima veils itself
within walls of disease.
It cries out to you.
What is reality?
Merely a distraction
from what lies within.

I beg of you,
take me away.
Take me to your...

I am finally one with
that world.
And I slowly sink
into my seas of

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