Voodoo Doll

July 21, 2008
By Paloma Ibarra, Bellflower, CA

Pawns of fate in this world and in this twisted life.
Little insignificant dolls that make her laugh with delight.
Don't you know our pain only fills her with glee?
She laughs at our misfortune and our misery.
That's why she put you in my arms and then took you away.
Breaking my heart into shards, that now fill with hate.

Kiss me and promise me that perhaps we'll see it through.
Kiss my lips and make me melt into you.
Break the strings that puppeteer has strung unto me.
Only your burning touch can set my heart free.

It hurts when you walk away,
a sensation that lingers and stings.
It fills me with terror in my nightmares,
I cant sing.

Knowing I am her voodoo doll that sickens her with joy.
What will you do when I become her broken toy?
Will my sepulcher be one located near the sea?
Will you be my forlorn lover, and I, Annabel Lee?

Tell me, O Lord! Have pity! How can I break this curse!
For every time he walks away, the pain only gets worse!
Tell your twisted, cruel angel to stop playing with me!
Break the strings that hold me chained to reality...

Pull out the needles on my skin that bring me insanity.

The author's comments:
I don't want to be Fate's Voodoo Doll. The toy that brings her twisted pleasure. Break the strings. Melt the needles. Free me.

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