July 21, 2008
By MorganPayne GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
MorganPayne GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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I can't help but feel un-beautiful
I'm living in this world thats so stereotypical,
it makes me want to change myself.
I look in the mirror and point out all the flaws I have.
I look in the mirror and blame myself for who I am.
I wonder if in other peoples eyes,
if they see me walking across the street,
will they think "that girl is so un-beautiful".
Thats how I feel, thats the reason for me
walking with my head down so strangers won't
agree with me when I say,
I am so un-beautiful.
I have these days when I love myself,
and accept me for who I am,
but compared to the other girls my age,
who aren't embarrassed to wear a swimming suit,
I feel so un-beautiful.
I hate myself for having such a low self esteem,
and no matter how much I try to do about it,
apart of me still wonders what it would be like
if I loved myself for exactly who I am.
I am me and I am definitely trying to change me.
But for now, I'll just be un-beautiful

The author's comments:
Its a way that most or even all teenagers think atleast one time in their lives.

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