The Line

July 21, 2008
By Joe Santo, Reading, MA

The line

never stopping
never missing a single beat
perfect yet imperfect at the same time
done yet always unfinished
life and death both saying hello and both saying goodbye
and all of them watching the world
watching it spin just knowing that it will never stop
it will never stop the spinning which all life revolves on
both life and death hate yet love
know the whole world is that of a complete paradox
know that we all both fires and oceans exstincing at the same time as one another yet never seeming to clash in those forms
we clash in the forms of our bodies
physically, mentally
we clash in the form of our soul
the form that we are in our, heart and mind
the form we have always wanted to take
the demon
the angel
the living
the dead
the seen
the unseen
life and death
being within and without eachother all at the same time
life is within you
death is upon you
and the world is growing over grown
and may u let grow around you
and see that the world holds all life dear
its abandons nothing
it forsaken no soul
it will never leave the living to rot
not even the dead
not even that which is rotting
it will heals and transforms that which is dead and rotting
it remakes all life
it repairs all death
it sees itself as the perfect machine
but not a machine
a world
a world of life
never of death
never of life
ever of death
a world where life and death collide
and makes this beauty which revolves around us
the beauty of life
the beauty of death
the beauty of both combined
the beauty of a word not yet found
a feeling that the world holds constantly in a place between life and death
the line where life and death combines into something more
something beyond us all
something beyond time itself
something that is never spoken yet some how passed from being to being
never lose in translation
never changes
never mixed
never distorted
always the same
the massage of both life and death combined on a line
a line which is not able to be seen but it somehow is present in all things
it is the world of life and death that combines infinitely
that breaks all rules
that tramples all boundaries
that crosses all lines cause it is the absolute
the line of infinite possibility
the line of the world.

The author's comments:
This piece was and is written for and because of the lack of and perfection of the untiy of the human spirit.

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