I Told Him I Was Okay

July 21, 2008
By Sania Tharani, Lawrenceville, GA

And then I told him that I was okay.
It didn't matter that much to me, anyway.
He could do whatever he wanted.
I wasn't his girl, never was, so it's okay.
I continued to live my life, he his.
The conversations were the same,
Boring, unattached.
I grew to like other guys,
But he remained in the back of my mind.
I knew I had missed my chance,
We were now clearly in the friend zone,
Never to go back to that time
When one of us could propose
The idea of something more close.
It didn't exactly hurt, but it wasn't all good.
I just wondered, you know?
Like what would have happened if...
But wondering is pointless.
After all, it was my fault.
I told him I was okay.

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