In My Head

July 21, 2008
By Paris Papachristos, Avon, CT

I don’t want to tell you how I feel
'cause I never want you to feel this way.
If I could, I’d wish that you remember
only the good of me
but in me there’s another side
-the one that’s haunting me.

I feel fragile,
Afraid I’ll break like glass;
Weak as the smallest branch
Of an old, lifeless tree.
And you’re the butterfly
Ready to spread wings and fly away;
Don’t look back, don’t be afraid,
It will get easier each passing day.

I’ll just lie here in my bed
Remembering you,
Trying to figure things out in my head
Away from everyone
-'cause losing them hurts too much
and getting hurt cannot be undone.

So I’ll fall away
Pretend it all has just begun
Maybe my fears will go away
And I’ll feel safe like when I was a child.
Don’t cry for me
That’s nonsense.
Just keep thinking of me
And maybe, just maybe
Some day it will all make sense.

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