Quatrain for A Bad Dad

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

You're my father, my hero, my very best friend
With your always open arms and scruffy graying beard
Gifts and presents you always would send
Then came the day when you just disappeared.
You found someone new to take up your time
A “new friend” you called her, yeah right, I’m not dumb
I began to miss when I was your partner in crime
I missed being us, what did we become?
We had to skip lots of things
I missed out on a lot
Then I saw the wedding rings
Did you even give me a thought?
Maybe I didn't like her
It's not like it mattered to you
You're ill with Cupid's sickness, I haven't found the cure
This disease has taken you over, it's much worse than the flu.
I miss my loving dad
He seems so far away
But out there he is happy, his life is now less sad
I hope my dear ole dad comes back to me, someday

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