July 21, 2008
By Selena Serna, Placentia, CA

The Soldiers who fight our War,
are the people that we should adore,
Some people say that violence is not the way to go,
but what else can we do?
When trying to protect our people from our foe,
taking pride in our Country is what they show,
Fighting in Iraq everyday, for the U.S.A.,
They willingly put their own life on the line,
so that gives us no right to wine,
Soldiers are there because they belive in what they do,
and we can help just by staying true,
We're responsible because we sent them there,
so we should encourage them, its only fair,
Soldiers deserve all respect, and no neglect,
A Soldier is a true hero, no where close to a zero,
So Soldiers Keep doing what you're doing,
and Keep moving on,
Hang in there,
and Stay Army Strong!

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