Three Dots

July 21, 2008
By Yang Ou, San Diego, CA

Who am I?
At a single glance
It seems like a simple question,
But when the mind looks at it,
Only one answer is given.
Three Consecutive dots.

A warm light unblocked
by the clear sea of blue.
A soft breeze.
One who stands alone.
The same expression
Three dots in a row.

One is a simple number
Alone it is nothing.
Add another one it becomes something
Multiply it becomes more.
Add, multiply, subtract, divide, derive, integrate,
The possibilities are infinite.

In no time at all,
One is no longer one.
One becomes 110 million.
Three dots are no longer three dots.
Three dots become two dots,
Plus one curve.

Who am I?
The answer remains the same,
Three simple dots,
It would just be too long
To write out the math

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