Forever Yours, Eternity

May 12, 2012
By Anonymous

She had the face of an angel
I saw mirrors in her eyes
We were the same in aspect
But different in our lies*

For someone corrupted so deeply
Soul tainted by potent ties
I was surprised she choose me
To befriend before she dies

I was the sin simulacrum
She with grace apprised
Upon that hour of recall
I look to the evening skies

Every night proves wretched
My mind continues to reprise
And what of more to
When memory leaves me cry?

I knew what I hated
And hence, my heart incised
I was hers for eternity
…But she wasn’t mine

The author's comments:
* These four lines make up the first verse (give and take a few word changes) of a poem composed by fictional character Jake Thorn from "Halo", by Alexandra Adornetto.

This poem stems for a similar concept, though it does not anything to do with the story itself. xD

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