When Butterfly Flew Away

May 10, 2012
When Butterfly flew away,
It was a sunny day.
There wasn't a cloud in the sky,
And it seemed like the day would be okay.
The morning seemed like normal,
It looked like it wouldn't be gray,
But all of that changed,
When Butterfly flew away.

When Butterfly flew away,
She spread her wings to fly,
But you could hear from her little black head,
A soft and obvious cry.
She clearly did not want to say goodbye,
But did, much to her dismay,
And it hurt her multi-colored wings,
The day Butterfly flew away.

When Butterfly flew away,
Her caterpillars died.
Or almost; it seemed like they would,
Based on how much they cried.
They feel alone, upset, and hurt,
And struggle to carry on day by day,
All just because Butterfly flew away.

When Butterfly flew away,
She left one thing behind:
The moth that hides in plain sight,
Who the caterpillars hate to find.
It's hard for everyone to be together,
Especially when he would say,
"I'm the one who made
Butterfly fly away."

So, how do I know that Butterfly flew away?
Well, I'm one of her caterpillars.
And I try to put a smile on,
When working with a filler.
I miss my Butterfly,
Every single day.
And I will never, ever forget the day
When my Butterfly flew away.

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