I Am Me

May 10, 2012
I’m just simple me and he’s simple Sam

All our averageness is all in the fam

I am sorry for what I do and what I say

But I will never disown who I am today

Yes indeed I’ve mistakes

And yes some of my smiles are fakes

Don’t arrange me

Because I can’t change me

I am a friend, and I understand

I crash and I burn

And I fail and I learn

Because I am a human being

And I see what you’re seeing

Don’t ask me to be perfect

Because I can only work it

From these bars I want to break free

And I can be free if you let me be me

Though I could be extraordinary

I am perfectly content with ordinary

Yes, I am mundane

And yes I look pretty plain

But inside nothing is the same

And I feel like I can win this game

I am trophy so behold me

And I am weak so hold me

Though I am nothing

Being me is something

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