The Soldier

May 10, 2012
By Zack1123 BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
Zack1123 BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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The sky is a deep red and black
Joined by a bloodshot moon
The bullets whistle, flying by
Creating a gloomy tune

The screams of men, each one dying
Make the chorus of the song
Across the world, families crying
Wondering how to get along

I take it in, the guns, the smoke
A quick moment passes by
It’s not a game, there is no pause
Out here there’s no revive

A burning sensation, my lessons come
About the end of life
In my chest, I feel the end
Coming before the night

I beg and plead with the reaper
But he idly gazes by
My crimson tears do not impress him
He does not sympathize

I think of one thing these last few moments
One thing goes through my mind
I think of my wife, and darling children
The ones being left behind

The author's comments:
Dedicated to all soldiers, veterans and their families.

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