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May 10, 2012
By Scoobydoo1 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Scoobydoo1 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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I am from spicy, mouthwatering Indian rice, soft pink baby blankies, and every single hilarious Junie B. Jones books.
I am from fast wind blown bike rides on a steep hill, hide and seek behind the house with trees of maple, and a soft cuddly corduroy teddy bear.

I am from piggy back rides on my Daddy’s back who never got tired and never stopped, going around and around the house, laughing with joy and delight.

I am from a small blue swimsuit, mini Speedo goggles, a blue wet Nike swim cap and drippy wet hair swimming for Mountain Park Sharks.
I am from watching Sesame Street every morning before Pre-K, gulping a cup full of apple or orange juice, and making smiley faces out of my Ramen noodles.
I am from gliding my fingers along the grey piano, again and again, until the piece I was playing was right and was making melodicmusic.

I am a rollercoaster which goes up forever and always comes down. Sometimes I like to take risks and other times I like to shrink and shy away.
From Six Flags where I go to celebrate that school is over or just go for fun, riding roller coasters such as the Mine Train and the Cyclone and screaming “WHEE!”

My memories are like a treasure chest. I can always glance in and remember this time or that time. One of the memories I remember is when I was 3 years old. I saw myself bouncing up and down because I knew we were finally going to the hospital to see my new baby sister, Ruhee. As we entered the hospital room I immediately saw my sister, cocooned in hospital blankets and in my Mom’s arms. I ran over and pounced onto the bed, getting ready to touch and hold her. Before I could get near her my Mom made me wash my hands and take off my shoes. Finally I held that bundle of smallness. She was the softest thing I had ever touched. I began playing Peek-A-Boo’s with her and she locked eyes with me and smiled, or did something that looked like a smile. My baby sister was the best thing in the world that could have ever happened to me. Ruhee is as rare as flying penguins.

I am from watching Tom and Jerry episodes, finishing a lake landscape with a 1,000 puzzle pieces, and splashing my face and hands with purple paint.
I am from driving remote control cars, coloring outside of the lines in the Hello Kitty book, and always keeping my pencil leads sharpened to a point.

I am from waking up every Sunday morning, watching cricket with my Dad, and hollering at the T.V.
I am a mango tree, digging my roots into the ground and growing taller and taller. Always learning and achieving higher goals. Always giving things and receiving things. I am a mango tree slowly and gradually turning ripe, in time for plucking.

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My family did.

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