I am Emily

May 10, 2012
By mscrazy BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
mscrazy BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
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I am Emily
I am unique and caring
I wonder why we watch people fall without helping them back up
I hear the miserable cries of those with broken hearts
I see the people who think they don't have a place in this world
I want to show everyone they matter

I am unique and caring
I pretend that everything in this world is perfect and ideal
I feel the agonizing pain others are going through
I touch the hearts of those in need
I worry about losing the people who matter most to me
I cry when I think about my heart getting broken like babies cry when they aren't being cradled

I am unique and caring
I understand life is like a roller coaster, but you have to go along for the ride
I say everyone has their own voice
I dream people will admire me one day
I try to be the best friend I am capable of being for those who need me
I hope to make a difference in this world

I am unique and caring

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