Old Sparrow Life

May 10, 2012
By Paeb237 BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
Paeb237 BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
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I used to be a sparrow; Wing-ed and free,
Lover of the sky, seer of the bees,
Then a new weight was cast upon me,
No not drugs, not prison, not pregnancy,
The weight of an illness, the loss of health,
The unbalanced feelings, no meanings of stealth,
I remember those days where I could fly free,
The wind on my wings, the music around me,
Spinning, Whirling, Running, having fun,
I only wish for this course of nature to be undone,
Take back the baldness, the feelings of queasy,
The "Oh, this will be over easy",
Stop complimenting, stop pretending,
I feel all alone, Left to my own defending,
i want my curls on my shoulders again'
I want the air, the ground, my only friends,
i want to stop this madness, all this Chemo,
I act like I'm dead, a gothless emo,
I count the day 'till i can have my old sparrow,
My love, my life, my wing-ed arrow,
I want it to beat, to be released,
To feel the joy of being a teen
To be protected from all things mean,
My sparrow life, I bid thee adieu

The author's comments:
This is about Cancer

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