Take Me to A Place

May 10, 2012
By cpatterson BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
cpatterson BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Take me to a place where I can live worry-free.
A place where golden apples fall from a tree.
Take me to a place where I am accepted for me.

Take me to a place where I can finally breathe!
A place where I can flaunt in a dress made of roses and green leaves,
And silver thread and pearls embellish the sleeves.

Take me to a place where everywhere feels like home.
A place more intriguing than the cities of ancient Rome.
Where the snow white clouds have a silver lining the color of chrome.

Take me to a place where true love is easy to find,
And shattered hopes, dreams and hearts are nowhere to lie.
A place where love causes not a single soul a painful cry.

Take me to a place where mistakes are not frowned upon.
A place where there is more hope than light at dawn,
And a place where I can wander and day dream all day long.

Take me to a place where every person no matter what size or shape is viewed as perfection,
And no one is discriminated or hated by means of their complexion.
A place where everyone is confident with their own reflection.

As far as I know, there isn’t such a place that exist,
But oh, how I long for a place much better than this.
A place where there are bundles of bliss!

Sadly, I’m stuck here, which is the case,
Like a fly in a spider web.
Here, where nowhere is safe.

In this world, not everything is grand and kind.
Things quite vulgar can happen, and blow your mind.
Only some things get better over time.

Maybe to you, the place I dream of seems kind of bizarre.
But it lies way beyond the clouds, moon, and every star.
Heaven, why are you so far?

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