Just Another love poem

July 19, 2008
By Sharon Saucedo, Lemon Grove, CA

What happens when it falls apart?
no ones there to pick up you heart

the sunlight hurts my eyes
trying to look at you makes me wanna cry
it tears me up inside when you tell your brutal lies
maybe this is meant to die

what happened to our puppy love
we were on cloud 9 flying away like two doves

not caring what anyone thought
it was something that couldn't be bought

so luminous you are
i give up, so lets call it a draw

The author's comments:
this only took me 5 mins to do beacuse i didnt
do my homeowrk and i was in a rush to turn it in so i wrote what i felt at the time,took me by surpise when i read it beacuse it turned out good in my opinion

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